While the calendar may have just turned over to November, the Wamego Christmas Bureau is off and running … and after a pandemic year, it’s back to the normal format.

That means it’s time for the annual Battle of the Banks.

The “Battle” started many years ago as an effort to raise awareness for the Christmas Bureau.

“In the very beginning we has a newspaper story, and we used the four banks at the time,” said Bunny McCloud, a member of the Christmas Bureau. “The banks had a competition for customers to bring items to use for adoptees. Each year, there is a different theme and the banks battle it out to see which one could get the most donations. Of course, the big winner is the community which is helped by the Christmas Bureau.”

This year, the theme is the Christmas Tree, represented by an ornament. “The tree is a symbol,” McCloud said. “Everybody knows that at Christmas time. And, when the banks collect, they place the items around Christmas trees in their lobbies.”

The banks are asking their customers to contribute new toys, items of clothing – especially things such as hats, mittens, gloves, socks, games, non-perishable foods and toiletries. These items will be distributed to adopting families, individuals, businesses and organizations on Dec. 11 so the Battle will be raging for the next five weeks. Watch the Times weekly as each bank tries to persuade you to make donations at their institution.

Adopt a Family

Adopters are asked to provide a Christmas dinner, along with a toy or age-appropriate gift for children in their adoptive family. In most cases, toys and gifts should be shiny and new (it is Christmas!). The Christmas Bureau will match up the adopters with a family of the size they request.

Get Adopted

The Wamego Christmas Bureau is open to any family of any configuration who needs help over the holidays. The only requirement is they reside within USD 320.

Applications are now available for both adopters and adoptees at the Wamego City Office, Wamego Public Library, and Wamego churches. They can also be obtained by calling 785-456-7495 and asking for Trish.

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