Mount Calvary Road will see a slight change to previous construction plans.

Plans had called for a six-inch asphalt overlay.

At the June 1 meeting, St. Marys city commissioners approved new plans which allow for two additional inches.

Street Superintendent Bob Schindler said that the contractor had suggested that a thicker overlay would hold up better due to the amount of traffic on Mt. Calvary.

The cost to increase the overlay through Bettis Construction would be $12,840.

Mayor John-Paul Rutledge stated he feels the increase in the overlay would be worth it to get a few more years out of the road.

Commissioner Francis Awerkamp said he would be in favor of increasing the overlay to eight inches for several reasons, including the amount of traffic, adding “it would reduce the amount of cracking in the road.”

Fireworks Stand

A fireworks stand permit application was approved, pending proof of insurance.

The stand will be located at 104 Desmet.

Volleyball Courts

Commissioners approved a request to add an additional 10 to 15 tons of sand to the sand volleyball courts in Riverside Park, noting that Schindler could decide how much sand was needed.

Quail Allowed

The city approved a change to the Livestock Ordinance which will allow for quail to be kept within city limits.

Alcohol Ban Waived

Commissioners waived the city’s alcohol ban in Riverside Park for July 3, to allow for a beer garden fundraiser. Alcohol sales will be allowed at the park’s west shelter house.

City Manager Maurice Cordell noted that there will have to be a barrier set up around the shelter house establishing where the alcohol can be consumed.

Board Appointments

John Simecka and David Imming were reappointed to four-year terms on the St. Marys Housing Authority Board.

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