Flint Hills Christian School has plans for a major campus expansion, with construction slated to start in the middle of June.

Located in the southwest part of Pottawatomie County on Green Valley Road, Flint Hills Christian School (FHCS) serves preschool through 12th grade and is set to build a new elementary wing, as well as renovate the existing building.

The renovations were deemed necessary due to a high number of students on the school’s wait list, and will allow room for enrollment to double over the next 10 years.

“We’ve maximized the existing building,” Honorary Chair Dennis Mullin said. “The existing building was really built for about 150 students. Today we have 180 students, with waiting lists in several of the classes.”

The almost $6.8 million project will include a new elementary wing, will eliminate the need for modular buildings and provide an overall improvement to the campus appearance.

Phase I will include the elementary wing expansion and improvements to the current or secondary building and will cost around $5.7 million.

The elementary wing will see 20,000 square feet of additional classroom and administrative space, including 16 classrooms: two for preschool through sixth grade, band and choir space that will serve as a storm shelter, a spacious library and kitchen and room for additional growth in the future.

Current building renovations will include the expansion of the library and computer room, industrial kitchen and lunch area, larger locker rooms and an administrative wing.

Also included are façade renovations, gymnasium improvements and an endowment for future maintenance and associated operating costs.

While the current building is being used by secondary and elementary students, according to Steering Committee Member Dr Moni El-Aasar, “It will be updated to be used only by the secondary.”

Phase I is set to be completed by the start of the 2022 school year.

Looking into the future, Phase II will offer a new auditorium and competition gym as well as closing in the existing building’s U-shape by adding classrooms to the back of the current building.

A new soccer field with bleachers, restrooms and concessions will be included in phase III.

Through donations from individuals and businesses, $5.5 million has been raised for the initial phase through the Raising Warriors Campaign. “It’s all donations, 100 percent,” Mullin said.

A start date for Phases II and III has not been set as funds still need to be raised for those projects.

For more information on the project, contact Director of Advancement Jordan Candido at advancement@fhcsks.org.

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