01-11-2021 Pottawatomie County COVID-19 Community Update



State of Kansas

Pott. County*

Total positive COVID-19 cases

247502 (+5,180)

1,279  (+16) Per KDHE

Per PT County Health Dept:  1,243 (+67)

80 Active (-19);  1,163 Recovered (+86) 

Total COVID-19 hospitalizations

7,351 (+94)

5 current (-1) per PT County Health Dept

50 cumulative (no change, per KDHE)

COVID-19 related deaths

3,255 (+107)

6 (+2)

Total Tests

1,066,516 (+15,309)

5,865 (+87) per KDHE

5,789 (+74) per PT County Health Dept

Numbers in parentheses indicates the difference since the last report; numbers are updated as available, usually on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  For a case summary, visit https://www.coronavirus.kdheks.gov/160/COVID-19-in-Kansas  -

Due to popular request, Pottawatomie County is working on creating a “sign-up” list for those interested in receiving the COVID vaccine once it is available for each phase.  Once the program is prepared and “live” on our website, we will share the information in these updates, social media, and news releases.  I hope that this will be up and running by the end of the week.  Please note, we still do not have expected dates for the next shipment of vaccine, or when we will move from healthcare workers to the next phase of recipients.  Once that information is known, we will share it.  Anyone may sign-up for the vaccine, however, once it’s available we will only notify those who qualify for whatever phase we are in at the time.  For example:  If an otherwise healthy 50 year-old female wants the vaccine, but we are only in phase 2, she will not be notified as she is not eligible for the vaccine until we are at stage 5.

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