02-17-21 Pottawatomie County COVID-19 Community Update


State of Kansas

Pott. County

Total positive COVID-19 cases

288,717 (+2,615)

1,643 (+6) Per KDHE

1,713 (+138)  Per PT County Health Dept

29 Active (-3); 1,684 Recovered (+141) 

Total COVID-19 hospitalizations

9,002 (+115)

1 (no change) current per PT County Health Dept*

60 cumulative (+1), per KDHE

COVID-19 related deaths

4,521 (+157)

23 (+2) per PT County Health Department

Total Tests

1,229,298 (+11,709)

6,900 (+217) per KDHE

6,486 (+167) per PT County Health Dept

For a case summary, visit https://www.coronavirus.kdheks.gov/160/COVID-19-in-Kansas  -

The Pottawatomie County Health Department is currently working on reconciling Pottawatomie County numbers with the state’s numbers. There are many cases that had a Pottawatomie County address, however were initially assigned to a different county. Therefore, our (confirmed) numbers took a rather large leap.  Liz Parthermer, Pottawatomie County Health Officer states, “This is a process and with as busy as we have been it has not been completed in some time. The HD will continue to do its best to provide the most up to date numbers that we can."

COVID-19 Vaccination Notification sign-up – we are prioritizing those 65+: Call 785-457-1432, or on-line at https://pottcounty.govbuilt.com/vaccinesignup. If you would like to confirm your name is on the list, please call the number above or e-mail pio@pottcounty.org. We are conducting COVID-19 clinics, prioritizing those that are 65 and older.  If you are on the list, we should get to you soon! 


Governor Kelly has stressed the need to vaccinate those who work in our K-12 schools. Therefore, to assist in that endeavor the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) will be providing vaccines for most of the public school districts in Pottawatomie County. If you work with or around students (this includes educators, custodians, lunch workers, bus drivers, etc.) in one of our public schools, please contact your employer for additional information.  If you are signed up on the Pottawatomie County COVID-19 notification list for the vaccine, and receive it through your employer, please let us know as soon as possible to remove your name from the list and free up a spot for someone else.

As you may have noticed over the last few days, energy companies have implemented controlled, brief periods of power outages across the state to reduce the strain on the electrical grid. You may wonder, “Why?”  These measures, to turn off power to segments of the area at a time, are taken to prevent long-term power outages in large selections of the grid.  This may continue until we return to our “average” temperatures for this time of year.

How can you help?  Follow these easy steps to ease your pull on the energy grid for the next two to three days:

  1. Lower your thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, or less. Bundle up with sweaters and blankets.
  2. Reduce the temperature on water heaters to 120 degrees;
  3. Seal leaks around doors and windows, use towels or blankets as temporary blocks if necessary;
  4. Close blinds and curtains to keep warm air inside and cold air out;
  5. Change or clean furnace filters;
  6. Unplug unused electronics and turn off lights when not in use.
  7. Put off doing chores if you are able. If you can, wait until the extreme cold weather passes to do laundry and wash dishes.
  8. Don't heat up the oven. Use the microwave, crockpot or toaster oven.

Kansas Gas Service shared this with customers and posted to their website:

Due to the unprecedented, historically low temperatures, our natural gas suppliers are experiencing freezing gas wells due to the duration of the extreme cold. This is impacting the amount of gas they are able to provide to us.

We need your assistance to avoid widespread outages across our service territory.

Following our regulatory obligations under our curtailment plan, an initial critical step is to seek gas reductions from our large industrial, commercial and transport customers to help avoid disruptions.

This curtailment is due to the shortage or threatened shortage of natural gas supply and makes gas available for critical care, residential and other higher priority customers.

For more information, see https://www.kansasgasservice.com/customer-awareness/severe-cold

Most importantly – if you lose power, TURN OFF your furnace!

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