04-05-2021 Pottawatomie County Community Update



State of Kansas

Pott. County*

Total positive COVID-19 cases

303,227  (+354)

1,855 (+1) Per KDHE

1,854 (no change)  Per PT County Health Dept

4 Active (+2)          1,850 Recovered (-2)

Total COVID-19 hospitalizations

9,785 (+32)

0 current per PT County Health Dept

73 (no change) cumulative, per KDHE

COVID-19 related deaths

4,927 (-5)

28 PT County Residents (no change)

Total Tests

1,326,785 (3,253)

7,502 (+8) per KDHE

6,924 (+6) per PT County Health Dept

Visit https://www.coronavirus.kdheks.gov/160/COVID-19-in-Kansas for additional data.  This is preliminary data and subject to qualify improvement and quality assurance validations.  Some numbers may change.


COVID-19 Vaccine sign-ups:   https://pottcounty.govbuilt.com/vaccinesignup or if you would like assistance, call 785-457-1432.  If you would like to confirm your name is on the list, please call, or e-mail pio@pottcounty.org.

Vaccines are still currently available by appointment only. We will be reviewing our processes and determining if a different approach is feasible.  We have been having issues contacting some of the people on our list, and experiencing a number of “no-shows” at the clinics.

If you have not yet received the vaccine, and are still interested in receiving it – whether or not you are on the list, please e-mail pio@pottcounty.org or call 785-457-1432 and I will share your information with the Health Department in their preparation and planning for the next clinic(s).

In response to those who have inquired about the number of vaccines given to-date by our Health Department, Health Director Leslie Campbell provides the following numbers:

Through Friday, April 2, 2021: Moderna 4,947 doses, Pfizer 1,301 doses, and Janssen J&J 235 doses.

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