#1 – After a lot of prayer and discussion, the decision to run for County Clerk was not taken lightly. I am truly blessed to say that I love my job. I am not seeking a paycheck or a title, but a career in a field that I have faith in and a passion for.

#2 – I bring 5.5 years of experience in the office as the Accounts Payable Clerk. My current position also requires that I assist with Elections and have knowledge and know how in other areas of the office. I am a Certified County Clerk through Sanborn Institute at Wichita State University, and I am in the process of completing the hours to become a Master County Clerk. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and am currently in the process of completing my Master’s Degree in Business Administration. I am a certified bookkeeper and I have completed several hours of training in other aspects of the office. I also hold experience as a Commissioner for the City of Wamego and a precinct committeewoman for the Pottawatomie County Republican party.

#3 – I find value in all of the duties of the County Clerk. I feel as though the election process is a huge part of the job. The time, work and money involved in providing an election experience to our voters is a large undertaking. It is important that we have the ballots correct, proper polling locations for our voters and poll workers that are trained and ready to serve our citizens. Paper ballots are essential to the accurate reporting of the results and for auditing procedures required by the state. I also find value in the levy process and feel as though the communication and teamwork needed to provide accurate data to our citizens is an important element of the process.

#4 – I look forward to serving our County Commissioners in an organized and efficient manner and communicate productively with the other county offices to provide accurate information to our citizens. I would like to see that happen with positive communication and a teamwork mentality so that we are providing the best services to our citizens that we can. I feel very strongly that the voter turnout could be improved, I look to better our presence in the community and I am eager for the opportunity to expand voter education and reach our younger generations. I intend to increase the education available to our citizens on the importance of not just the presidential or governor races but also the city/school/county races and the impact that these positions have on our everyday lives. I also seek to execute the state statutes and responsibilities of our office ethically, with integrity and reliability.

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