TOPEKA, Kan. (July 9, 2019)—The Kansas Bar Foundation (KBF) is now accepting grant proposals under its IOLTA (Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts) program. The deadline to submit a proposal is September 6. The grant application packet and additional information can be found at

The Kansas IOLTA program generates approximately $100,000 per year that can be distributed to organizations that support law-related educational projects and programs that support access to justice for low-income Kansans. The IOLTA program collects the interest from lawyers’ commingled client trust accounts which, prior to the creation of the Kansas IOLTA program in 1984, were held in non-interest-bearing accounts. The client funds deposited in these accounts are either so small or will be held for such a short amount of time that any interest generated would be less than the expenses to set up a separate account or to separate out, keep appropriate tax records, and dispense interest to each client. However, when a number of these small or short-term funds are pooled together, they can produce significant amounts of revenue for law related charitable projects. The KBF and Kansas bankers work together to offer IOLTA. A list of KBF bank partners can be found at

Nonprofit organizations can review the categories for grants by accessing the 2020 IOLTA Application. The categories include Civil Legal Services, Law-Related Education, and Administration of Justice. The KBF IOLTA Committee will review proposals in September and submit recommendations for funding to the KBF Board of Trustees in October. Recipients will be notified in late fall. Last year’s recipients and a brief description of their programs can be found at


Anne Woods, Director of Public Services/IOLTA Director

Kansas Bar Association/Kansas Bar Foundation


Direct: (785) 861-8838

Main: (785) 234-5696

About the Kansas Bar Foundation

For over 60 years, the Kansas Bar Foundation has funded opportunities for the citizens of Kansas for charitable and educational projects that foster the welfare, honor and integrity of the legal system by improving its accessibility, equality and uniformity, and by enhancing the public opinion of the role of lawyers in our society. Since 1984, with funding from Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts, the Foundation has awarded more than $4 million in grants to provide legal services to those who cannot afford them and for law related educational programs.

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