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Pottawatomie County, Kan.. March 27 --The Pottawatomie County Commission joined the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) today, and worked on the wording for a potential “Stay-at-Home” order, according to a press release from Crystal Malchose, county public information officer,

“While we do not foresee any need to enact one in the near future, the EOC and Commissioners worked on the wording for a potential 'Stay-at Home' order,” her release said. “Of course we hope to avoid the need to enact this order, however, we do want to be prepared in advance should it become necessary.”

Because of the potential for severe weather this weekend, and in the coming months, the county also clarified the March 21 order regarding mass gatherings.

One of the exemptions stated "shelter facilities". The release stressed that term does include storm shelters. "If a tornado, high winds, large hail, or other severe weather makes it necessary for people to gather in large numbers in a confined space is allowed. Life-safety is first and foremost the recommended action.”

Other information in the press release included in the update:

Daily Cases

Cases in Kansas, 202, with one case in Pottawatomie County, who is at home recovering.

Help stop the spread

Do the Five

Help stop coronavirus

1. HANDS - Wash them often

2. ELBOW- Cough into it

3. FACE - Don't touch it

4. SPACE - Keep safe distance, at least six feet whenever and wherever possible

5. HOME - Stay home if you can

Specific Questions

If you have specific questions you would like addressed, please e-mail them to pio@pottcounty.org. We will do the best we can to address your concerns.

Daily Update Information

Daily updates on COVID-19 and Pottawatomie County’s actions will be submitted and posted to a variety of news stations, newspapers, web-sites and social media. These updates will be posted around 4:00 p.m. daily until the pandemic is no longer an issue. Emergent messages will be posted immediately as they come to officials. You may elect to receive notice of these life-safety messages by signing up for the Everbridge NE Kansas Regional Notification System. If you wish to receive these alerts, please visit our website https://www.pottcounty.org/431/Emergency-Alerts and select the “Sign Up” icon. These messages are categorized as Community Information and Public Health alerts. If you have questions or need assistance with signing up, contact Emergency Management at 785-457-3358

Pottawatomie County Website: www.pottcounty.org

Facebook: @PottCountyKS

Twitter: @PTCountyKS

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