Editor's Note: This "soapbox" question is part of the candidate profile series. Candidates were offered unlimited words to address an issue of their choice. For more information on the candidate, see the Oct. 10  issue of The Times.

4. Serving as Mayor of St. George for the past 15 months has been an absolute honor. I have had the chance to work with wonderful citizens, community leaders and a remarkable city staff. The positive community growth that I have had a chance to witness has been exciting to say the least. It was tremendously rewarding to watch the KAWnsas Fest committee come together in June of 2018 and plan such a fun and well attended family friendly event, in such a short time, and continuing on to establish a new City Event which will help bring future business and recognition for the our small wonderful town. Several new small businesses have also chosen to establish their craft in our small town, bringing fresh faces and commerce into our community, for the first time in many years.

To say the job has been easy would not be truthful. When taking this position in May of 2018, the city was on the heels of massive employee turnover, with different rules applying to different people depending on your connections. City assets and employees were being leveraged to help those with close ties to certain members of administration. Upon my first week in office, it was evident that a new direction and leadership was going to be required to affect positive change, for total representation for all citizens within the community. With the help of a dedicated City Council, new rules were put into effect and the hiring process revamped. Council was sought from outside sources to help fill areas that were lacking. City staff and Council members attended training courses together, implementing their newfound knowledge to the benefit of the taxpayers. and for a positive unified direction for growth and to increase the reputation of St. George in a positive manner. While there have been obstacles and setbacks along the way, I have enjoyed working with the City Council and Staff to endeavor through them and learn from the mistakes.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in service to the City as Mayor. I look forward to serving the residents for an additional four years, with the highest level of integrity and drive for success. I would be truly honored to earn your support.

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