Pottawatomie Co., KS, April 3 -- A third confirmed case of COVID-19 has been reported in Pottawatomie County, according to the daily community report from Crystal Malchose, Pott. Co. Public Information Officer.

However, she noted, "the most recent one was inadvertently reported as a Riley County resident" and "is related to a positive case in Riley County."

Malchose said health questions related to COVID, can be emailed to COVID@pottcounty.org. Specific questions related to Pottawatomie County’s response to COVID, can be emailed to PIO@pottcounty.org. "We will do the best we can to address your concerns in a timely fashion."

In the remainder of her report, Malchose reminded residents of mitigation and "flatting the curve" strategies.

"The best way to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus, is stay home. It is critical to slow the spread of Coronavirus (CoVid 19). The best way to do this is to stay 6 feet or more away from everyone possible– even if they do not have symptoms that include a fever, cough and shortness of breath. If we don’t act, the virus can spread very easily. Sometimes people who have the virus don’t know it. If you are close to someone like this, they can infect you and many others. This is why we must follow the public health order for everyone to stay at home.

"What is flattening the curve? The curve is a way to show the number of people who have the virus at any point in time. Our goal is to lessen the number of new cases. People will still get the virus, but we need to help doctors and hospitals take care of them. If we work together to slow the spread, we can protect ourselves, our families and the entire Pottawatomie County community.

"We understand a number of people are required to work at this time, the 'essential personnel'. We just want to say thank you. You keep the stores stocked, people fed, citizens safe, and we recognize you."

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