Editor's Note: This "soapbox" question is part of the candidate profile series. Candidates were offered unlimited words to address an issue of their choice. For more information on the candidate, see the Oct. 17 issue of The Times.

There are two very important issues I want to address here.

First, we need to provide opportunity to our high school students to be career ready for all our students.. To really embrace the diversity of what each student has the inclination to pursue. Help empower students to visualize career pathways that they previously thought were unattainable or even know where to begin.

To achieve this, have a full time career ready counselor at the high school. Have more resources aligned to career ready so we can reach out to trade schools, military, National Guard, specialty schools, such as Art and Culinary schools and all other non-4 year college opportunities for all students. Offer work study programs, put students out into the work force, especially in the junior and senior year, plus, implement a quality, meaningful internship program.

Secondly, communication district wide needs to be addressed. With social media being a huge part of our lives, we need to embrace these same social media channels to communicate with the district patrons. We do a good job of this already but there is so much more that can be done. Monitoring what is being said in the district and our community is also critical for the success of USD320. To attract good teachers and staff and families to move into the district we need to make sure the message out there is transparent, informative and truthful, not rumors and hearsay. We need to use these channels to keep our students safe and informed. To achieve better communication within the district, we need to consider a full time Director of Community Relations and use every means possible to communicate in a timely and accurate manner. .

I would value and appreciate the chance to serve once again on the USD320 School Board. The current board members and myself are very passionate and have laid the ground work for many strategic and necessary items for the district and I would like to see them through.

The seven of us work well as a unit and along with our Superintendent, Tim Winters and his administration staff, we would continue to oversee the education of students, govern district operations, and adopts policies that make each and every one of us proud to be a part of.

I believe the last four years have proven that the Board of Education makes a difference in this community. You can be guaranteed that I take this responsible to heart and want the best for everyone.

Thank you for this opportunity to share with each and every one of you.

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