My greatest passion is to identify the unique talents and abilities of each student so we can help them choose the best possible career pathway after they graduate.  There is so much more to a student than what they score on a test.  Not every student is meant to attend a four year university and you don't have to in order to be successful.   Traditional education practices have generally been geared towards the students that will attend 4 year universities and beyond.  We need to continue to help the traditional students succeed and allow them to go even further by increasing the secondary education opportunities at our local colleges while still in high school.  But we need to place more focus on the students that don't fit that traditional student mold.  I want the district to be able to hire a full-time career counselor who can focus solely on individual plans of study and help identify and expose each student to career pathways that best fit their abilities.  Every one of our students should be given an equal chance to succeed after they leave our schools.  We need to expose our students to more opportunities by getting them out of the school building and allow them to explore career pathways they may have never thought of.  The region we live in is full of wonderful businesses and community members that would be willing, as many already are,  to help our students get that exposure to different career pathways.   We have the ability to have the best work study programs/internships of any school in our region.  Let's empower all of our students, not just the ones headed for the 4 year universities.
I'm proud of what this community and school district has accomplished the last four years that I have been a part of the school board.  We have continued to recruit and hire wonderful teachers and staff, thanks to our human resource director, wonderful administrators, superintendent and teachers that create an environment that new teachers want to be a part of.  The community came together to pass a very successful bond that has made significant improvements to all our buildings and facilities.  The one to one technology initiative that we implemented has given our students and teachers amazing opportunities to enhance education in and out of the classroom.  I'm thankful to have been able to vote to approve the random drug screening program that protects our children and our community.  
I feel like the current school board members and I have laid the groundwork for more success in the future.  I am committed to continue the work and serve this community for another 4 years.  The past 4 years, one as president and two as vice president, has given me the knowledge and experience required to be the best representative for you on the school board.  I am very invested in the success of this school district with a daughter in the 5th grade and a 2 year old son that will be in the school system before I know it.  This community is full of businesses and members that do so much for our children and school district, and for that I am very thankful.  My family and I are blessed to be a part of this community and I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve you.

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