USD 320 Special Meeting

The USD 320 board of education held a special meeting Sunday afternoon to discuss the COVID-19 virus. They voted to close school until Monday, March 23. There will be no activities/athletics until further notice.

In special meetings held Sunday afternoon, both the Rock Creek and Wamego boards of education voted for short-term school closings. Rock Creek will be closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Wamego will be closed the entire week.

The USD 323 board met at noon to discuss its course of action.

While Superintendent Kevin Logan stated that both KSDE and KDHE have held that the most appropriate response for schools at this point is to stay in session, he noted that some nearby health departments have made recommendations against that advice, resulting in many area schools closing their doors for the next couple weeks.

Logan then made the recommendation that Rock Creek cancel school and all school related activities Monday through Wednesday to allow time to work out how they will adhere to recommended guidelines such as implementing the six foot rule, addressing cleaning concerns, and other logistical issues.

The USD 320 board met at 1 p.m. for the same purpose.

Superintendent Tim Winter also passed on the information from KSDE and KDHE, but told his board the district had five remaining snow days built into the calendar and he recommended those days be used next week, beginning Monday, and that the board meets later in the week to evaluate the ongoing situation. He also recommended all athletics and other activities be canceled through that time, until further notice. The board unanimously agreed to adopt the recommendation.

Both superintendents acknowledged the situation is fluid and longer closings could be possible.

This is a developing story.

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