Dave Colburn

 Write-In Dave Colburn for State Board of Education

(Jul 23, 2020) – Manhattan, Kan. – Dave Colburn served the Manhattan and Ogden community for 16 years on the USD 383 Board of Education. As Board President he helped lead the district through several substantial changes and uncertain times.

“After the most recent decision to not delay school reopening teachers, parents, community leaders, and healthcare experts have been reaching out to me; asking if I would serve on the State Board of Education if they wrote my name on their primary ballot,” Colburn said. “I said yes with no hesitation.”

Despite being unopposed on the ballot the drumbeat of dissatisfaction from constituents with the incumbent is nearly deafening. This very narrow window before the primary election creates a situation where the only option for voters to express their frustration is by a write-in option. If enough voters elect to write-in a candidate in the primary that candidate will appear on the ballot in November against the unopposed incumbent.

“I’ve been impressed with Mr. Colburn’s dedication to the region as a non-partisan leader. The State Board of Education needs to lead with courage and unity in the face of a global pandemic. Writing in Dave Colburn on this primary ballot will give voters in the 6th district a choice in November,” said Former Kansas Governor John Carlin.

Dave Colburn is a graduate of Kansas State University. Colburn is active volunteering and assisting in numerous organizations and one of the longest serving members of the USD 383 Board of Education. He and his wife, Sandy, have lived in Manhattan for over 40 years where their three daughters all attended USD 383 schools.

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