In the history section this week, there is a small entry about Home Paper Week.

That’s what they used to call little papers like The Times, back in 1921.

We even had a week back then, Nov. 7 to 12. We have one now too, but it’s National Newspaper Week, celebrated the first week of October.

I guess we kind of missed it, but we were too busy putting out your home town paper.

One of the things I found very interesting about the article, was the description of the paper back 100 years ago.

“The modest home paper is a community institution. It fills a large place in local affairs. It gets very close to the home life of the people whom it serves. It is in sympathy with its readers and makes a vigorous defense of their interests.”

That, in a nutshell, is what we’re still doing – 100 years later.

It is local papers, like The Times, which covers local affairs. In our paper, you’ll find reporter coverage of Wamego, St. Marys, St. George, and Westmoreland city commissions and councils. You won’t find that on the internet. The same holds true for our three school boards – USD 320, 321 and 323, and Pottawatomie County. We report on the meetings. Those things are all in the readers’ interest. In your interest.

You’ll find the same holds true for covering sports and activities. Our television friends might stop by for a film clip, but it’s reporters and photographers who cover the whole game. The Times is also the place to find coverage of plays, concerts, and other community events – that’s the “getting close to the home life of the people it serves”.

Does the internet and social media have its place? Sure it’s a great tool. In fact, we plan to use more of the internet in the future. But fundamentally, it’s papers like The Times which is still providing what you need to know on a regular basis.

Let me finish with a final quote from that little article …

“However small and obscure it may appear to the casual observer it nevertheless measures up to its standard of usefulness far in excess of the patronage accorded it.”

That still holds true today.

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